Book of the Fortnight #1 – New London Style

So while browsing a local Waterstones the other weekend (difficult not to love Amazon for its range, low prices, and prompt delivery, but there’s nothing like some proper ‘brick & mortar’ bookshop browsing (also difficult not to love a good alliteration)), I realised how many great new design books there are these days that have completely passed me by. I have a reasonable sized collection of design books but I realised it had probably been well over a year since I’ve bought any non-fiction books. If I’m missing interesting publications, then I’m sure other people are too, and so to my new blog series – Book of the Fortnight. Why fortnightly? Well a month didn’t seem frequent enough, and weekly sounded a little too frequent, so like Goldiblogs I’ve settled on something that seems just right.

My aim is to showcase a range of both old and new publications covering graphic design, interiors, art and craft. A wide-range of genres admittedly, but hopefully the series will find its own theme.

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So for my first post, a book I’ve actually had on bookshelf for a couple years now: New London Style.  In the authors’ words, the book “takes a fresh look into the private dwellings of the most exciting young creative talents in the city”. Admittedly these are obviously very successful and rich creatives, judging from the houses on show, but creative they are, as the book is a smorgasbord of colourful, quirky rooms. As much as I love the white walls and vintage combo that’s all over the internet these days, it’s nice too see something a little different and this book has that in spades.

From a collection of 28 houses from all over London, like the city itself it showcases a melting pot of styles. Mid-century, deco, antique, sixties, Bric-a-brac, you’re going to find it all in here.

If you’ve always longed to nose around other people’s houses, then this book is for you.


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