Book of the Fortnight #3 – Wonder Walls

In today’s post I’m showcasing the book Wonder Walls by Sarah Bagner aka Supermarket Sarah. I had a vague recollection of hearing about Sarah’s wall displays earlier in the year when she went from showcasing her display walls on her blog, to showcasing them in Selfridges. When I picked up her book during one of my meanderings around Waterstones (where I discover a lot of new books – hooray for brick and mortar book shops), I assumed it was a showcase of her work. In fact it wasn’t until I’d got home and had a proper flick through that I realised it was a showcase of other people’s homes. Thankfully, however, it doesn’t fall into the trap of Pinterest on paper (pretty room… another pretty room.. another ridiculously pretty room etc). It’s actually quite an interesting curation of people and their collections of personal… bits and bobs.

The theme running through the book is about showing off who you are by the things you surround yourself with. From Kazuo Umezu’s cartoonish, Seussian fairytale house (above), to Wayne Hemingway’s more modest mid-century abode (below), Sarah manages to fit in a fascinating little selection of homes.

If you’re after inspiration for your own pad, or just like to nose through other people’s homes, I’d say Wonder Walls hits the spot. Interspersed with Sarah’s observations, I like that it’s not just photo after photo, but focusses on the owner and their own unique way they’ve brought their personality into their home.

My personal favourite above, button designer Hiroyo Suzuki’s little studio. So cute, compact and crammed with everything but the kitchen sink in the most orderly way possible (click on all photos to view the larger version).

Wonder Walls – it’s an oasis of personal treasures (did you see what I did there? who can resist a good pun).

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