Spitalfields and introducing a new brand…

So Christmas is coming! Or so the shops and department stores seem to want us to think. You’d think they’d wait til November at least but they’re so excited they just can’t help themselves. Myself, I am, as ever, running a little behind those well-organised retailers, but I can tell you that a new 2013 version of the City Avenue wall calendar will be available in coming weeks.

In other news… if you live in or close to London and fancy seeing some of my prints up close and personal, then come along to Old Spitalfields Market on 10th/11th November. I’ll be personally manning an Enclosed Spaces stall that weekend, as part of We Make London’s section, and will have as many prints on me as I can squeeze in. Spitalfields is a great market, and worth a visit any weekend.

In other news… with an increasing number of designs popping into my head over the past months, I finally put pencil to paper (followed by laser to acrylic, and pliers to silver, and glue to.. etc.) and will shortly be launching my first collection of necklaces for my new jewellery brand, Fletching & Nock. With plenty more ideas rolling around up there, this will be only the first of many pieces available. I think I can safely say that if you liked my Geometric Landscape print collection, you will like this jewellery line.

The ‘official’ launch date will be 21st November, so head on over to the website that day, and it’ll be just in time to pick up something different for your Christmas parties (or Christmas gifts, if you’re feeling a little more altruistic). If you’re champing at the bit to check out the jewellery I will also be offering pre-launch sales of most of the collection at Old Spitalfields Market on Nov 10th/11th (as mentioned above) so do come down and check them out. Any big updates I’ll also share on my Enclosed Spaces blog, Facebook page and Twitter, but as Fletching & Nock is essentially a whole new brand I recommend going over to the website and signing up to the newsletter to be kept in the loop on the launch and any new releases.

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