Sometimes you have to bring out the big guns

I like to work with reasonable sized prints as I like artwork that stands out. A lot of my prints are on A3 paper size, but I’ll be honest and admit that I probably prefer the bigger A2’s (er this may not mean much to everyone – A2 is about 60cm high basically). When framed and mounted, they just look tops.

Sometimes though the prints get even bigger and that’s when I have to get out the big daddy of my squeegees (see above). I could probably knock someone out with this bad boy. And considering I’m only 5’4″, I can say that printing these bigger prints is almost a full body workout. It’s a good thing I do small print runs.

So which prints have I just knackered myself out on today?

Yeeeeesss, it’s the return of the City Avenue Wall Calendar, now available for 2013! These look pretty impressive if I do say so myself and would make a nice gift. The same options as last year – they’re available in either Slate on white, or Sienna on cream. Head on over to my shop to pick one up.



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