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From Mountains to More Mountains

As mentioned in the blurb about my new Geometric Landscape collection, it was partly inspired my a mild obsession of mine – the mountains. Living in a country which is a little lacking in real, snowy ‘mountainous’ landscape (unless you want to take a long drive/short flight up to Scotland in winter), and having grown up between flat London and flat middle England, I guess it’s a case of the grass is always greener (or the mountains are always… bigger).

This desire for snowy climes culminated in an exhausting but exhilarating Alpine mountaineering trip last summer. Unfortunately, mountaineering is not a cheap pastime and I have yet to save up for my next trip, so in the meantime I’m taking some solace by ogling some mountain inspired arts and crafts.

Check out my Inspired By list (details below the image):

From top left, clockwise: Range Life deck by Rick Vanderleek; Love these delicate Mountain Studs by Mociun; Smoky Mountains printed canvas from Native Vermont; Illustration by Richard Perez; Hurry Up Schedule painting by Ed Ruscha; Cosmography poster by Astronaut Design; Mountain print scarf by Totokaelo (seems to be sold out, unfortunately).

More Freebies – iPhone wallpapers

Following hot on the heels of my giveaway, I’m feeling in the mood for more freebies, so I’ve put together three iPhone wallpapers for free download. Click the image thumbnails below to see the fullsize images for download. If you’re viewing on your iPhone you’ll then be able to save the images directly to your phone (by holding your finger down on the image, then clicking Save Image), or if you’re on your computer you can save them to your iPhone picture directory then sync with your iPhone.

Enjoy the free wallpapers, and have a good weekend everyone! I’m off to enjoy lots of good food at Feast shortly!

Wallpaper 1Wallpaper 2Wallpaper 3

Geometric Collection Giveaway!


To celebrate the recent release of my Geometric Landscape collection, I’m holding a giveaway. For a chance to win your choice of print from the collection, all you need to do is:

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3. Cross your fingers

This giveaway ends at midnight 15th August GMT and is open to visitors from all countries.

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Typographic Tedium?

I love typography. I love maps. Do I love typographic maps? Not so much these days. Despite owning one myself (bought years back from Ork Posters, who I think were one of the first initiators of the trend), it seems like every designer and their dog is doing them and I’m feeling an increasing typographic tedium (and don’t even get me started on the Keep Calm and Carry On brigade).

Of course, having said that, I’m now going to awkwardly backtrack and say that there are always exceptions to the rule; and I really liked this Andy Smith illustration I saw on the front of the Waitrose free paper. A ‘nod’ to the Olympics (as you’ll feel the full force of the Olympics branding police coming down on you if you even mention the O-word, or get too many rings close together, or come from Greece), it’s really infused with his own style.

Andy Smith illustration