Screen Printing

Why Screen Printing

Screen printing is a traditional print method and how all prints at Enclosed Spaces are created. I use this method because it creates a wonderful, thick layer of ink that you can really see and feel. Seriously. Try running your finger across a screen print. It's also great for strong blocks of colour which is such an important element in our print designs.

How does it work?

To transfer ink to paper, a squeegee is used to push ink through a tightly woven mesh that has been stretched over a frame. This has to be done for each colour a print needs, so a multi-colour print could need two, three or more screens to create the image. To get the designs on the screen, the screen is first coated with a photo-sensitive emulsion and then a black film positive (much like an old photo negative, but reversed) is placed onto the screen, and exposed to light. Once it's exposed the design can be 'washed out' by simply spraying it water. Then the screen is ready to print with. There's quite a few steps from the design to final print!

Can I get one of your prints in a different size?

I offer a range of differently sized prints, but can't resize an existing design. Unlike digital printing there's no simple option to resize and print out. Each print requires one or more physical screens to create it. I believe offering a higher quality, non-mass produced product is more important than being able to offer lots of different sizes for each design.